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Hyperbaric solutions welcomes you to explore the world of hyperbaric in India.
In this section, you can access detailed information on Overview of the Company and it's Experience.

- Mission -

A plan whatever it may be must be made for the bad ground, it must be calculated to meet all exigencies, all disasters and to overcome them after they have occurred.

Who we are

We aim to provide a package deal to contractors who require hyperbaric cutter head intervention service for tunnel boring machine. We provide a complete operational package of technical or contingency for them for all services.

We are having an experience of more than 50000+ man working hours. The consultancy aspects of the business set up all the necessary, operational and emergency procedures, site specific for each project, combining all the necessary safety, health and medical contingencies, rescue, extrication and emergency supports prior to the start of production, then maintaining, re-evaluating and improving them through production phase.

Our project specific procedures are then implemented and maintained by our highly qualified and experienced medical lock / medic / health safety personnel.

The company has extensive experience in all hyperbaric techniques, related industries and applications which has been modified towards use in hyperbaric tunnelling activity.

Our Office

Experience we have

Hyperbaric Solutions has carried out more than 50,000+ man hours of cutter head interventions at Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation sites, without any incidence of Compressed air illness. In addition, work was carried out at Bagri canal, project of the Narmada Valley Corporation Ltd. Katni, Madhya Pradesh

We have maintained a close co-operation with the Tunneling contractor which ensures that hazards are identified and mitigating factors foreseen. This close co-operation has ensured operational flexibility and successful completion of task.

We have completely refurbished medical lock for TT-AFCONS at Chennai and Kolkata. Man locks on two TBMs at Jaipur Metro site were refurbished and third-party certification obtained for Robbins Tunnel System. Acceptance trials to IMCA norms and certification was carried out for the Medical locks of SUCG and MosMetroStroy in Chennai.