Hyperbaric solutions offers a wide range of services and medical benefits in the segment which are indexed here.

Services Provided

  • Tunnel Boring Machines Intervention
  • Establishment of Compression / Decompression Regimes and Techniques
  • Treatment and Management of Decompression Illness
  • Application of Hyperbaric Oxygen
  • Mixed Gas Techniques and Procedures
  • Working at Altitude
  • Advice on Medical lock fabrication
  • Audit / Appraisal / Commissioning of Tunnel Boring Machines Airlock Systems
  • Training of Client Personnel
  • Hazard / Health and Safety Analysis
  • Emergency / Rescue / Extrication of casualty
  • Record keeping
  • Client Liaison
  • Specialist Dedicated Site Personnel
  • Specialist Hyperbaric Medical Cover
  • Occupational Health and Safety Implementation
  • Medical Management
  • Refurbishing of Manlock and Medical lock Along with certification

Medical Services

  • Complete Hyperbaric Oxygen / Mixed Gas Medical expertise
  • Prevention and Management of all Decompression Illnesses and Barotraumas
  • Compressed Air Medicals
  • 24-hour Emergency Hyperbaric Medical Cover for hyperbaric work
  • 24-hour Medical Emergency Telephone Advice
  • Fitness to Work Assessments following decompression illness
  • Advice on general medical support in hyperbaric conditions
  • Advice on equipment for medical support in hyperbaric conditions
  • General First Aid Support
  • Primary and advanced medical support for hyperbaric illness and barotraumas
  • Emergency Response
  • Risk Assessment
  • Training and Instruction Occupational Safety and Health Services

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